Current Standard Operating Procedure

Standard Operating Procedure

Chapter 25

Section 1 This Chapter shall be known as the “Lima Area Smiling Sams” and was organized on July

17, 1977. Consequently, the next By-Law revision was October, 1984; January 1995;

July 2007; June 2008; June 2013; May 2014; June 2014; August 2014. We will abide by

the Good Sam Constitution and By-Law.


Section 1. To promote and maintain group camping and fellowship among members.

Section 2. To support the State, Regional and National Good Sam organization as appropriate.

Section 3. The Chapter will use the “GOOD SAM'' name and logo in good taste and the will abide

with the Chapter Standard Operating Procedure and general policies of the club. The

Chapter agrees to cease and desist from all use of the “GOOD SAM” name and logo upon

loss of its charter from the Club for any reason.

Section 2 Meetings

Monthly chapter meetings are normally held on Saturday mornings at camping events

except when conflicts occur. Meeting times and dates will be decided by the President

and communicated to the membership. Chapter members present at an officially called

meeting will conduct the business required at that meeting. A simple majority vote will be

required to approve any matters brought before the Chapter. The Chapter President at his/

her discretion may call special meetings. Robert's Rules of Order shall be used to

conduct these meetings.

Proposed amendments to this document may be voted on at any regular meeting by a majority of the members, provided the proposed amendments have been presented to the organization at the previous regular business meeting. Voting shall be by secret ballot, for any business, if so requested by any member in good standing.

Clarification on Meetings.

Camping will be the months of May, June, July, August, September and October. Dinners

are held in November (Christmas Party), December, January, February, March, and April.

Local restaurants chosen by the Wagon Master will be the meeting places for these dinners.

These dinners are not considered as meetings, since officers are not available and minutes

are not recorded. It is a voluntary social event.

Section 3 Membership

All members of this Chapter must be members in good standing with the Good Sam Club

and will annually report their membership number and expiration date to the Chapter

Secretary as evident thereof. Anyone wishing to join Chapter 25 need only to pay their

dues to become a member. There is no club camping or event attendance requirement.

Section 4 The conduct of each Chapter member during Chapter activities shall be at all times a credit

to the Chapter and to the Good Sam Club.

Section 5 Order of Business (Chapter meetings will be conducted as follows:)

Call to order.


Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll call.

Introduction of guests.

Secretary's report.

Treasurer's report.

Reading of correspondence.

Committee reports.

Old business.

New business.



Section 6 Dues

Dues of $10.00 must be paid by October 1 of each year. Members joining at other times of

year will pay $10.00 for the remainder of that year. Dues are to be paid to the Chapter

Treasurer. (The annual dues include $4.00 State dues.) Changes to Chapter dues shall be

established by simple vote of Chapter members. Any member that discontinues camping,

but wishes to be an associate member may do so by paying $3.00 Chapter dues every year.

They may attend any Chapter meeting, however, they will not have voting privileges. The

fiscal year of the Chapter shall begin January 1, of each year and end on December 31, of

the same year.

Section 7 Membership in the State Committee

Our Chapter will be represented by the Chapter President or his/her designated substitute

at State Committee meetings.

Section 8 Nomination/Election Committee

The President shall appoint a committee of Chapter members (not currently a Chapter

Officer) to take nominations, prepare ballots and tally election votes. Absentee ballots

will be made available if requested. The election shall be in September. If only one person

is nominated per position, a simple voice vote is acceptable.)

Section 9 All officers will be elected (or appointed) at an annual Chapter meeting and will hold

office for two years, however, the position of Wagon Master will be one year as

Assistant Wagon Master and one year as Wagon Master. Officers of the Chapter shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Wagon Master, Assistant Wagon Master and Immediate Past President.

Section 10 No officer may hold more than (1) office, but can serve in the same office as long as

re-elected. A term is two years consecutively.

Section 11 Vacancies

In the event of the resignation or removal of a Chapter officer, the Chapter members may

appoint a pro-tem officer until the next election or until a special election can be held.

Section 12 Roster of newly elected officers and all Chapter members must be sent to the State

Director and State Treasurer.

Section 13 Memorials will be sent in the event of a death of a Chapter member, their mother, father,

husband, wife or children.

Section 14 Club badges will be worn at Club meetings. Anyone not wearing a club badge will pay the

Treasurer $ .25

Section 15 The President shall appoint two Chapter members (non-officers) to act as an audit

committee. This audit will be conducted annually in conjunction with the relief of outgoing

officers and installation of new officers. It will be carried out regardless if the Treasurer is

re-elected. The outgoing and incoming Treasurer will participate in the annual audit. The

President can initiate special audits.

Section 16 If the Chapter should decide to disband, all monies left in the Chapter treasury shall be

distributed to a charitable organization of the Chapter's choosing after all debts are paid.

Section 17 Officers (Other officers can be added)

President: Presides at all meetings and represents the Chapter at State Committee meetings. Appoints

a member to represent him/her at the State Committee meetings. The President shall be

empowered to appoint such special committees as he/she deems needful at the time, or on

the majority vote of the members at any meeting, he shall appoint committees as they direct.


Conducts meetings in the absence of the President and any other duties requested by the


Secretary: Records the minutes of all Chapter meetings and sends out minutes within two weeks of the

meeting. Receives, reads and answers all correspondence. Mails annually a roster to the

State Director.

Treasurer: Responsible for keeping full and accurate accounts of all receipts and disbursements, and

reports to Chapter members on a monthly basis. All disbursements shall be by checks and

approved by the President. A financial report will be supplied to the Secretary at each

monthly meeting. The Treasurer will send a new roster along with the State fees to the

State Treasurer.

Wagon Master:

Shall organize hosts for campouts and assist with planning, reservations and activities for

all outings.

Assistant Wagon Master:

Assist the Wagon Master in carrying out his/her duties.

Immediate Past President:

Shall perform special tasks and provide guidance and consultant services to the President as


Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee will be formed for the express purpose of voting members out of the Chapter, if needed. This Committee will consist of all elected officers and two active

members. A letter will be mailed to those Chapter members effected. A member will be determined to be put before the Executive Committee for consideration for removal by

consensus of the Club membership. The membership shall not vote for any members